Project 17

Projekt 14

Projekt 14

Ergonomic assembly stations

Delivery period: December 2022

The customer

The customer we supply can look back on a long history as a traditional family business that has undergone impressive development since its foundation in the early 20th century. Originally established as a machine shop, over the years it has become a truly global heavyweight in the field of compressed air technology.

What once started as a humble beginning has evolved into a comprehensive company that is now one of the world’s leading manufacturers and providers of products and services in the compressed air sector. The two modern production sites are not only centers of manufacturing, but also symbols of the constant development of quality and efficiency.

Another impressive component of the company is its global team of around 7,000 dedicated employees working all over the world. The company’s core activity is the manufacture of high-quality blowers, which play an important role in various industrial applications. In this context, our hoists play an important role as they are an integral part of the manufacturing process and ensure a smooth workflow.


The challenge

During the final assembly of blower systems, heavy compressed air generators have to be lifted to an ergonomic assembly height. The products weigh up to 4,100 kg and stand on assembly supports that are moved with a pallet truck or an ant. These are not suitable for safe and ergonomic final assembly.

In addition to a ground-level task using a pallet truck, it is important that the safety technology is designed in such a way that the workers can work directly on the products and in such a way that there is no danger from the scissor lift tables or the lifted load. In addition, it should be possible to adopt a healthy posture during assembly so that physical strain is reduced and greater productivity can be achieved.

For efficient final assembly of the blowers, it is also important that the necessary tools and equipment are quickly available and that the safety technology optimally supports the work process. This is the only way to ensure that the end products meet the highest quality standards while at the same time guaranteeing the safety of the workers.

The solution

The assembly line was equipped with smaller blowers first, using three single scissor lift tables with a load capacity of 4,000 kg each. This was followed shortly afterwards by two further single scissor lift tables, each with a load capacity of 8,000 kg, for the assembly line with larger blowers.

All lift tables were fitted with a bellows underneath the platform to prevent them from crawling underneath and to ensure good access protection. Another safety-relevant feature is the contact protection strips running underneath the platform, which prevent jamming during lowering.

The construction of the platform has been reinforced on the underside to ensure that it can be safely driven over with a pallet truck when lowered. Pilot valves on both cylinders ensure that the heavy load is lifted evenly and safely. Due to the high lifting cycles, additional replaceable stainless steel wear rails are installed under the rollers of the scissor packs. The lift tables installed in a pit can be easily serviced via a service flap even when lowered, so that the internal units are easy to reach.

Facts and numbers

8 t

Load capacity


Cycles per hour

27 s

Lifting time

The customer benefit

The individually planned single scissor lift tables are an ideal addition to the production lines. The hoists were installed and put into operation without any major disruption to day-to-day operations. Thanks to the high level of quality, a significantly longer service life can be expected, which also reduces maintenance costs and increases throughput! The most important advantages for our customer at a glance:

  • Increased ergonomics and occupational safety with little effort
  • High operational reliability thanks to clever mechanical safety solutions
  • Low maintenance requirements thanks to a robust design
  • Durability thanks to high-quality components


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