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Project 06

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Project 06

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Project 06

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Forklift truck on 8 t lifting table

Delivery period: September 2014

Die KSM Castings Group
The KSM Castings Group is an international development partner and producer of light metal castings for the automotive industry.

Requirement: Transport of castings between two floor levels
At the Radevormwald plant of KSM Castings Group GmbH, parts were to be transported between the “casting production” and “casting machining” floors. What was unusual about this was that the material to be transported did not consist solely of the castings, but had to include an entire forklift weighing several tons, including lattice boxes and pallets.

Technical details: Vertical double scissor lift table according to DIN EN 1570

Platform length:4.000 mm
Platform width:3.000 mm
Resilience:8.000 kg
Overall height:1.300 mm
Lift:5.350 mm
Lift time:ca. 98 sek
Performance:2 x 4,6 KW
Operating voltage:3 x 400 / 50 V/Hz
Valve voltage:24 VAC



  • Conveying Elements: Lift table
  • Convey Goods: Individual castings on pallets
    lattice boxes
  • Industry: Metal / Automotive

Solution: Forklift truck on 8 t lifting table as conveyed material

The two production levels, 5.35 m apart, were connected by a specially secured shaft. A lifting table now conveys the forklift truck, including pallets and boxes containing cast products made of light metal for the automotive industry, from floor to floor.

This results in a total load of around 5 to 6 tonnes per transport. For the forklift truck, an additional point load had to be taken into account due to the four wheels and, in the case of the pallet cage, due to the four L-shaped feet, while the pallets have evenly distributed loads. This special load required a reinforced design of the platform. In some cases, the goods to be conveyed are not positioned over the entire surface of the platform, but only on one part. Therefore, after consulting ALFOTEC, KSM decided to use a robust lift table for 8 t conveyed material, which forgives unbalanced loads.

Forklift truck on 8 t lifting table as transported goods
lifting table with machine safety guard

Security measures

Hazard protection also played a major role in the planning of the shaft. ALFOTEC used a shaft door on the ground floor for this purpose and installed a four-sided machine safety guard with double door on the upper floor. The doors are equipped with safety latches which were integrated into the lift table control. This means that the respective door can only be opened when the platform has reached the corresponding floor. Four electro-hydraulic locking bolts are used to secure the platform against lowering and they enter two shaft walls.

During assembly, the 6.3 t lift table was brought in by crane through the roof of the hall. The machine guards were installed immediately to eliminate the risk of falling right from the start. The lifting table was then lowered into the shaft with the hall crane with millimetre precision and secured to the floor. Power connection and integration of the door interlocks were the next steps. Finally, the ALFOTEC fitters adjusted the electro-hydraulic locking bolts.

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lift truck with employee
grid box
securing storage container
safety lock door
Lift table Locking bolt
Electric and hydraulic supply lines
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