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Project 03

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Project 03

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Project 03

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Heavy duty chain conveyor

Delivery period: March 2012

The client: MFL – Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gießerei
The internationally operating MFL – Maschinenfabrik Liezen und Gießerei Ges.m.b.H. – is specialized in engineering, design and manufacturing of complex machines and plants. Special components and assemblies as well as steel castings complete the service portfolio. MFL was founded over 70 years ago at the Liezen site in Styria. Today the company employs almost 1,000 people. Under the motto “Perfection in all Areas” it offers its customers a perfect foundation for reliable engineering, customized production and precise project implementation.

The task
MFL commissioned us to build a free-standing heavy-duty chain conveyor. This was to transport various solid steel profiles with different lengths and cross-sections. And thus create a larger stock of material for the downstream saw. At the same time operating personnel was to be saved and personnel costs reduced.

The challenge was there:

  • to consider that the task should be carried out by crane or manually
  • to integrate the new solution into the existing acceptance facility
  • to develop a weatherproof solution for outdoor operational areas, which is reliable even at temperatures of -10 to +35 °C and a humidity of max. 95%.
  • to design the conveyor system for a total load of up to 34,000 kg



  • Conveying Elements: Strand conveyor
  • Convey Goods: Round and square solid steel profiles
  • Industry: Mechanical engineering

The solution – the conveying process

The heavy-duty chain conveyor is integrated in the infeed of a sawing line, with which heavy solid steel profiles are cut individually. As part of an automatic sawing line, it is also intended to serve as a storage magazine.

chain conveyor with rubber steam mats

1. The raw material is manually deposited on the chain conveyor in bundles of four pieces each. The shocks to the strand chains during loading are reduced by installing rubber damping mats between the chain conveyor superstructure and substructure.

chain conveyor

2. The chain conveyor transports the material to the end stop and remains in operation until at least two of five integrated sensors respond and trigger the message “Material aligned to stop”.

robust conveyor chain

3. As the material is not parallel to the stops due to manual loading, increased wear between material and chain can occur during the alignment process. For this reason we decided to use a very robust conveyor chain type FVT 250 with pitch 160 mm.

process chain conveyor

4. After alignment at the end stop, the chain conveyor is switched off and one profile at a time is lifted above the material stop by the existing transfer device, deposited on a roller conveyor and transported to the saw.

Round steel full profiles Chain conveyor

5. Now the chain conveyor can transport the next profile to the end stop and remains in operation until at least two sensors respond again and trigger the message “Material aligned with material stop”.

Technical details for the heavy duty chain conveyo

1. Goods conveyed

  • The following goods are transported: Round and square solid steel sections with different lengths (2,500 – 13,000 mm), cross-sections (60 – 250 mm) with a bar weight of max. 6,500 kg/each

2. Scope of supply and services

  • Conveyor system
  • Project planning, production, delivery
  • 5 Chain conveyor
heavy duty chain conveyor
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