A fresh ray of hope on our website: the VELUX® film

24. August 2015

Many are familiar with them: roof windows from VELUX.
But do you know what the VELUX brand stands for? VE means ventilation, that is, fresh air. LUX is Latin and means light in German. VELUX is a Danish company founded on the vision of daylight, fresh air and quality of life. It is now the world’s largest manufacturer of roof windows and has production sites in 11 countries. One of them is SIG Sonneborn Bauzubehör Industriegesellschaft mbH, based in Sonneborn near Gotha.

Modern conveyor technology simplifies complicated work processes
The product range of VELUX roof windows is constantly growing. At the same time, production and assembly processes are becoming more and more complicated. Since 2007, the company has been engaged in, among other things, the step-by-step automation of parts of the assembly process and, in order to achieve this goal, sought cooperation with ALFOTEC. An interesting short film reports about the project, which you can watch here.