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Ecological responsibility: ALFOTEC is already thinking about tomorrow today

December 15, 2020

In view of the current situation and the coronavirus pandemic, humanity will have to face major challenges in the coming years. In this sustainability report, we therefore not only aim to provide an annual report, but also to look to the future. In doing so, we are committed to the “three-pillar principle of sustainable development”. In addition, we want to look at what part we play in the change processes and what opportunities arise from them. In doing so, we look at our microcosm as well as the big picture.

Ecological sustainability

The constantly growing consumption of scarce resources, such as energy, is a key problem. We urgently need intelligent innovations that reduce consumption and increase efficiency. This includes not only ever more energy-efficient motors for our products, but also completely new concepts such as the DC Factory. This avoids conversion losses, utilizes synergies and better integrates regenerative generators. We not only want to support these developments, but also make a contribution ourselves.

That is why we have invested in a photovoltaic system with an energy management system and buffer storage to serve the heating and mobility sectors. This allows us to test the innovations of tomorrow on a small scale, ask new questions and find solutions. We are also looking at peak shaving in the use of energy, COP values for our heat pump and synergy effects in the intelligent control of motors on conveyor technology. By purchasing electric vehicles and integrating a charging infrastructure with up to seven charging points, we were able to make optimum use of photovoltaic power. For this purpose, we have our own
charging station and the brand aChargerwas launched.

With our ecological awareness, we were able to expand our business area to include a new branch and make the company even more future-proof. Because once the potential of sector coupling has been fully grasped, visions such as the DC Factory become much more important.

Further information on the DC Factory and Industry 4.0:

Economic sustainability

The high efficiency of the newly acquired electric vehicles in combination with the photovoltaic system not only pays off ecologically, but also economically to a considerable extent. We are pursuing ambitious plans with regard to sector coupling when it comes to the interaction of heat generation, mobility and electricity procurement for offices/servers. Extensive investments were made this year, particularly in the area of IT, and the electrical engineering of our products was expanded and improved. In 2020, we were also able to realize many great projects and demonstrate our expertise in the area of ERP connection and smart control. This opens up completely new potential and great opportunities to play a key role in shaping our future in an industrial context and remain competitive.

Social sustainability

People play a central role in this change process. Successful change is associated with a lot of fun and joy. Even in this difficult year, we were able to create jobs and increase our workforce by 25 percent. We are delighted with the trust placed in us in these times. We have also significantly improved working conditions by purchasing new office furniture and taking other measures. Due to the pandemic, we had to cancel the annual training courses and team-building measures, but these were very well compensated for by the intensive and close contact between the locations. In addition, we managed to spare our employees short-time working and ensure the highest possible production capacity utilization at our locations.

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