This is how giving makes fun

15. December 2015

“When gifts are so well received, it is really fun to donate”, said ALFOTEC Managing Director Michael Hackländer happily after his visit to the refugee accommodation in Dabringhausen, where 177 refugees are currently accommodated and looked after by the German Red Cross (DRK).

150 toy packages for refugee children
Never before had Michael Hackländer been in a refugee shelter, and he admits to having been really curious during the visit. How would the children react to him, and how would they react to his well-meant gifts? Would the fate of the refugee children possibly be reflected in their behaviour? All questions were quickly answered when Michael Hackländer and his staff started to distribute the gifts: The children received the gifts almost incredulously and at first somewhat hesitantly. This was followed by great joy and eager preoccupation with the surprising toys.